Water Freedom System Review – Does Chris Burns Guide Really Help?

Hello everyone, I am Joe McGrath from Knoxville, and I would like to thank you for stopping by and taking time to read my unbiased Water Freedom System review.

It seems that 2020 is the year of the world crisis. First, it was Iran-USA conflict, then it was deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, then global recession, and now a new crisis looming over the world is WATER CRISIS.

In fact, the water crisis is not something new. It is only it is getting severe with every passing day.

In case if the water crisis hit your city, what are your preparations?

Overcome Water CrisisWill you leave everything in your home city and take your family to another city to fight for survival?


Will you pay hundreds of dollars for a few gallons of water?

If you ask me, I would start preparing now to overcome any water crisis. FOR THAT REASON, I decided to obtain the Water Freedom System by Chris Burns.

If you are living in one of the drought-prone areas or if you are a responsible member of your family then you should read this Water Freedom System review till the end to find out how this program can help you in overcoming the water crisis. [Read: The Looming U.S. Water Crisis]

Ok, let’s come straight to the point and talk about the author of this program.

Who Is Chris Burns? And Why He Created Water Freedom System?

Chris Burns is a 57-year framer living in Fresco city with his wife and two daughters. Unfortunately, he is living in an area that often gets water shortage during drought seasons.

During one of the drought-seasons, he was robbed for his stored water. In just one night, he went from having 600 gallons of water in his storage to having no water to give to his family.

So he decided to travel Macon, Georgia, to see his Uncle Phillips research on a small water generator that produces clean and drinking water from the air.

Working together with his Uncle, Chris created a small water generator that gave him 20 gallons of freshwater per day. And above all, the quality of water was far better than drinking regulation.

This is where they decided to put everything in place to share it with other people who are want to overcome water-shortage in their area.

This is where Water Freedom System was born.

How Does It Work?

Chris’s Water Freedom System comes in a digital PDF format that you can download in your computer or smartphone or any PDF reader (I’m not sure if PDF works in Kindle reader – if you do let me know in the comment) and read it anytime and anywhere.

Basically, this Water Freedom eBook created to teach you how to overcome any water crisis and continue supplying fresh drinking water to your family.

Does Water Freedom System Work

Remember, clean water is not only required for drinking – but it is also required for cooking, bathing, and other daily activities.

One of the prime focus of this guide is building your portable generator that many militaries from Israel, India, USA, and UK are using it to get water from the air.

You will find a complete blueprint, videos, materials list, and high-quality diagrams to create this water generator and have 60 gallons of water every day.

This portable water generator works in any condition and required only $250 worth of tools and materials. If you have created any DIY project in the past and you may possibly have some of these tools and materials that will save you money.

Now the question is, how this portable water generator really works?

This water generator uses a simple condensation principle that takes moisture out of thin air, cool it down, filter it, and turn it into drinking water with just a press of the button.

Although it seems a very complex generator – trust me, it is simple to build this generator and more than 16K families are using water from this generator for their daily activities.

Oh before I forget, this generator takes only one hour to build, and you can make it a lot quicker if you have experience or someone to help you.

So what are the possible benefits of having your own water generator? Let’s find in the next section of this Chris Burns’ Water Freedom System review.

Benefits Of Water Freedom Generator

Although there are numerous benefits, I am going to cover only a few main ones.

These are:

Independence – If you are living in the area which often gets water storage then this is going to be the biggest benefit you will have. Think once about having an unlimited supply of water when your neighbors struggling for just one gallon of water. This leads us to the second benefit…

Help Others – Yes! Once you have sufficient storage of water for your family, you can help others by allowing them to fill their cans from your water storage. It is always good to help others especially when they need most.

Stay Safe – The book teaches you how to keep yourself and your family safe when a water crisis hits your area. It is often seen that the crime rate often raises during these times.

Avoid Paying High Water Charges – I still remember I have paid $60 for 500 gallons of water due to water shortage in our area. By having your own water supply you can use it and avoid paying high water charges during a water shortage.

Portable – Yes, you can take this generator with you in any area and use it to generate water from the air.

What Is Included In The Water Freedom System?

What is in Water Freedom System

Let me clear it first, this is not a single PDF book – instead, it is a complete system that teaches you how to survive during water shortage or crisis while the main focus of this system is to help you make a water generator that extracts water from the air.

Besides the main manual, you will also get four other guides that are:

Ultimate Greenhouse Guide – This guide shows you how you keep your greenhouse going during a water shortage. It shows you healthy vegetables that can survive in situations where water is scarce.

Essential Guide To Bartering – This guide highlights the importance of modern bartering during emergencies and what essential items and foods you will need to survive. Although bartering was common in the past, but during the crisis the information you get from this guide will become handy.

Paranoid’s Home Defense Guide – This guide provides protection steps that you can follow to keep your house protected during any emergency. These protection steps will keep you and your family safe from those who want to take unfair advantage of a crisis situation.

Black Survival Guide – This guide gives tips on how to overcome situations that arrive after a natural or humanmade disaster. This guide contains helpful tips and steps that will keep you protected against looters. The training and education provided in this guide are based on years of research.

What Is The Price Of Water Freedom System?

The price of this system is very reasonable.

At just $39.39 you will get access to this program along with its bonuses. I feel the information that it provides is much more valuable than its cost.

Customers of this system have the benefit of using this device to save money on their monthly water bill or use this device to handle the water crisis in their area.

Customers can also able to ask for a refund if they don’t find it helpful.

The information inside this program is much more helpful for people living in areas that face water issues frequently as they will get clean and freshwater from this water generator.

Does Water Freedom Generator Really Work?

water fountain

I would say, Yes!

In fact, water generators are widely used in military sectors. Many countries, including the United States, are now investing money on preparing these water generators. These water generators can also work on places that remain hot dry and humid most of the year, such as middle-east countries.

The problem is,

Many pre-build water generators are expensive. Thankfully, Water Freedom System provides a blueprint that you can use to prepare a water generator that can work like these commercial water generators, but it cost much less.

The author claims that more than 11,000 families are using this water generator.

My Final Verdict:

Water Freedom System PDF is for all those responsible family members who want to protect their families during any water shortage or emergencies.

Water is the basic necessity of life, and you can survive longer if you don’t have pure, and clean water.

Chris Burn’s course not only gives you training about how to survive drought or any water shortage situation but also provide you blueprint to create your own portable water generator and get water from the air anytime and anywhere.

My final advice: If you are living in the drought-prone area or you experience water-shortage multiple times in a year, then download Water Freedom System plans and make your own water supply now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Expensive Than Bottle Water?

No! It is not.

Although you get bottled water for few bucks but if you calculate that cost for the year then you see it takes a good part of your income. With Water Freedom System, you only need to invest once, and for numerous years you can get water free of cost.

Is It Difficult To Build?

No, it is NOT.

Water Freedom System provides a blueprint for creating this water generator that makes it easy for anyone to build this generator. You don’t need any tactical skills to make this device, and you will also get videos that will make your job easier.

Are there any Bonuses?

Yes, as mentioned before, you will get three bonuses without any charges. These bonuses are: Essential Guide to Bartering, Black Survival Guide, and Paranoid’s Home Defense Guide.

What Will Happen If It Doesn’t Work?

In case if this water system fails to satisfy you, then you can ask for a refund. Remember, you have 60 days money-back guarantee so make sure if it doesn’t work then claim for refund within this period.

I Have Other Question

If you still have a doubt about this system or you have a question that isn’t answered here, then you can contact the team behind this system at support[@]waterfreedomsystem.com

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