• Water Pollution
    Water Pollution

    What Is Water Pollution And What Is The Solution For It

    Water pollution defined as a combination of water with various chemicals or other substances that are harmful to humans and other living things like plants or animal health. These may include pesticides, fertilizer, heavy material like a waste, lead or mercury, and much more that mix with water and water gets polluted, which is injurious for health. Around 2 billion people drink contaminated water as there is no clean water to drink worldwide.

    In other words, when different polluted substances enter in water resources like lakes, rivers, oceans, and much more, it dissolves in water and makes it polluted.

    It is not only dangerous for marine life. These material mixes with water and makes it polluted. We use water for washing, bathing, drinking, cleaning, etc. water pollution affects all things as it is the leading resource of our daily life.

    Causes Of Water Pollution

    There are many materials and resources which polluted our water. Water is a basic requirement in several places like homes, industries, hospitals, etc. that also contributes to water pollution.

    Types Of Water Pollution

    Water Pollution types

    There are many types of water pollution on the base of the causes of water pollution.

    Surface Water

    About 70% of the Earth consists of water, which includes oceans, lakes, rivers, and marks as blue on the world map. Many lakes contain dangerous materials which are harmful to health. Polluted lakes are not capable of fishing, swimming, or drinking. Surface water gets polluted when the various type of microorganisms add to water like nitrate and phosphates and polluted water.


    When rainwater goes deep into the Earth’s surface and stores underground, it’s called groundwater. It is a natural resource of water—half part of the world rely on groundwater for drinking and other use. The ground gets polluted with the help of different trashes, fertilizers, pesticides combine with groundwater and make it dirty. And it became harmful to human health. Ground pollution can cause by homes, industries, or hospitals that ditches waste on the ground through which our lands get polluted and rainwater becomes poison.

    Marine Pollution

    It caused when chemicals, nutrients, and heavy metal from industries, homes, and farms combine with oceans, lakes, or bays and carry out to sea,

    such as plastic, board’s wastage, or through wind blowing. An oil leak from ships can pollute our water resources, industries waste that flow with water and cause water pollution.

    Process Of Sewage And Wastewater

    This type of pollution happening by our sinks, toilets, and industries, commercial and agricultural projects, it is caused when rainfall water combines with the road, salt, oil, chemicals that travel to water sources and cause water pollution.

    Oil Pollution In Water

    Oil pollution can cause when oil or gasoline to splash from cars, ships, or trucks into seas, and it gets polluted. It is harmful to marine life, humans, animals, and plants.

    Radioactive Materials

    Radioactive is any material that gives out radiation, which causes by the environment. It can be caused by uranium mining, industries, energy plants, testing of military weapons or can be caused by universities, hospitals which use radioactive material for researches. Dangerous rays can cause different deceases, which are very harmful and affects water severely.

    How Water Pollution Effect Us?

    clean and dirty water

    Effects On Human Health

    According to a study by The Lancet, the water caused 1.8 million deaths in 2015.

    Water pollution can cause different deceases and problems which are not suitable for human health. Water is the root of every decease; if you drink dirty water, it will affect your whole body.

    We use water in our daily life for bathing, drinking, cooking if you use polluted water, it drives to your body parts. Our food can be polluted if we eat meat or vegetables are come from contaminated water that causes stomach problems which can cause sudden death.

    The waterborne pathogen is a virus found in polluted water and a significant source of diseases. Diseases like giardia, typhoid, and cholera can cause by dirty water.

    Dangerous chemicals like lead, arsenic, mercury from pesticides, and fertilizers polluted our water, which is harmful to humans and caused some health issues. It causes cancers, hormones changing, damage brain functions, and can cause disabilities in newly born babies and can affect pregnant women.

    Swimming in polluted water can also be harmful as they carry different microorganisms through your nose and mouth and cause skin problems like eczema or skin cancer.

    It Also Affects Our Environment

    The ecosystem can be collapse because of water pollution that affects our environment.


    They are chemicals which exist in water bodies, increases the growth of algae. These algae form a layer in water that feed bacteria, and this can decrease the rate of oxygen in water resources, which affect sea animals.

    Water pollution can distract the food chain; the kinds of seafood consumed by the human can become UN healthy and cause deceases.

    The Solutions For Water Pollution

    clean water

    So water pollution can affect our health and not suitable for the environment. This matter is complicated and an issue which all countries should note because “Clean water is a key to health.”

    Here are some tips you can take to save water from pollution.

    • Do not throw trash or other material to water resources.
    • Try different machines to get water from air
    • Keep your ground trash free; it can give you clean underground water, which comes from rainfall.
    • Clean water resources like tanks, rivers, seas, lakes, etc. By cleaning its surroundings and pick out trash from the water.
    • There should be strike rules for industries, ships, hospitals that increases water pollution by dumping waste to water.
    • Talk to your government to give clean water and show how water comes to you is these systems are safe or not.
    • Always throw pesticides or harsh material with proper care.
    • Set a proper system for garbage.
    • Utilize Water Freedom System to get water from air
    • Don’t trash oil, grease, or other material to sink.
    • Never dispose of oil or fuel to water by car, bike, truck, etc.
    • Don’t use bleach when you wash dishes or clothes.
    • Promote clean water campaigns in educational, health, and business sector like industries, companies.
    • Keep your surroundings clean.
    • Give awareness about the causes of water pollution, how to keep water safe to your friends, family, and community.

    So water is an essential part of our daily life we should keep it safe and clean. First, make efforts by yourself and get clean water.



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