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Best Machines To Convert Air To Water

According to the World Health Organization, around 2 billion people in the world do have access to clean water. Water from air products is designed to remove that disability to have fresh drinking water. They have a huge importance in countries like Kenya, which are walloped by water scarcity, and almost half of their population does not have access to clean drinking water.

The founder of water from air technology is an Israeli former Special Forces officer, Arye Kohavi. Various conditions faced by him during his job make him work on this project. So the intent behind its invention was to help Israeli soldiers and made water available to them at all conditions.

Within a year of his hard work, Kohavi was able to invent Watergen, which was earlier a single product, and now is a company making various products using the same technology. Watergen has been awarded as “one of the greatest inventions of all times” by Israel.

Since then, a lot of companies are using this technology to make various products that convert air into water.

This technology converts the humidity present in the air to water. This is the reason why these products work best in areas of high humidity.

We’ll be discussing the best machines available in the market that convert air to water.

  1. Watergen
  2. Rainmaker
  3. Akvo
  4. Veragon
  5. Air-to-water

Let’s go through them one by one.


GENNY – Watergen

WatergenWatergen is providing a range of products that covert air to water as per the volume requirements.

For households that require about 30 liters per day, Genny is available. Whereas for schools and hospitals etc. they have a product called GEN-M that has a capacity of 800 liters per day, and for a significant source of water around 5000 liters per day, GEN-L works the best.

They are also providing mobile water solutions for emergencies.

GENNY comes with the following specifications

  1. The water tank that can hold around 27 liters
  2. Water dispenser (Coldwater 5-7 C and hot water 95-99 C)
  3. Mineralization
  4. Microbiological treatment via UV
  5. PH adjustment
  6. Environment friendly – min noise pollution
  7. Power consumption 700W to 3000W and 0.35KWH/liter


Akvo Air to water

Akvo Water Generator

Using the most abundant source of water, the atmosphere that contains approx. 38 million gallons of water, Akvo replicates the natural process of condensation, i.e. rain.

In Akvo, the process of water formation involves the following stages.

  1. Taking in the air
  2. Passing the air through a 3 layer filter
  3. Passing the air through the condenser
  4. Moving the water produced to the container
  5. Crossing the water through filters
  6. Available for drinking

Because Akvo uses the humidity of the air to make water, it works best in more humid environments.

In areas where the temperature is between 21°C to 32°C, they work best because at that temperature-humidity of air is between 70 to 75%. Nevertheless, they can also operate at lower and high temperatures ranging between 18°C to 45°C.

Specifications of Akvo

  1. 2 step purification ( Through Inbuilt antimicrobial air filter to purify air and ozone to purify water)
  2. The useful life of 10-15 years
  3. I year warranty
  4. Power usage

7-10 kilowatts per hour

50 to 60 Hz

Single-phase 208-240V

3-phase 380-440V

All uses electricity to generate water, which sometimes becomes expensive when compared to other technologies using solar or wind energy to generate water from the air.



Like all other water from air machines, Veragon uses humidity in the air and convert it to water.

Specification of Veragon

Benefits enjoyed by Veragon users include

  1. Purifies water by treating through ozone and UV light
  2. Mineralizes water (to provide a natural drinking water experience Veragon mineralizes water to make it fulfill all the requirements that drinking water is supposed to.
  3. Quality of water meets international standards as provided by the World Health Organization and Environmental protection Agency
  4. Allows you to have mineralized water(for drinking) as well as demineralized water (for other uses)
  5. Requires limited annual maintenance and do not require specialized staff for that purpose



Air-to-water by Nordic technologies works best for small households facing water shortage problems by providing around 20-90 liters/day.


Generation of water

Following steps are involved in the production of water

  1. Taking in air
  2. Passing air through air filters
  3. Water generation
  4. Passing water to the water tank
  5. Passing water through filtration and disinfection system before making it available for use.

Specifications of air-to-water

  1. 7 layer filter
  2. Keeps water fresh by recycling it every 8 hours
  3. Can provide hot as well as cold water
  4. Highly effective filtration system to remove impurities
  5. Uses UVs for disinfection
  6. Mobile



RainmakerRainmaker uses air to water technology and produces a range of units as per water requirement.

Rainmaker units can make up to 5000-20,000 liters of water per day.

One of the reasons they are offering units that can produce such mass of water is that they are not just targeting households but also different beverage industries and disaster-stricken areas that need large water quantities.

Process of water generation

After entering air passes through following different stages

  1. Heat exchanger via turbine (condensation)
  2. Water storage tank
  3. Available for use

Specification of rainmaker

  1. Environment friendly (no carbon footprint)
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Uses renewable source of energy (wind)
  4. Provide multiple power options (turbine, solar power or a generator can be used)
  5. Works in even harsh climates
  6. The useful life of 20 years
  7. Minimum maintenance required

But the company hasn’t focused on filtration, and no processes are in place for disinfection.



Nothing can be compared to freshwater, but when situations like war, conflicts, and disputes result in the unavailability of natural resources to the public, and this is where such technology comes to help. This is the best alternative to use, especially where you have no other options than to drink unhealthy water from ponds and other unreliable sources.


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