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How To Get Clean Water

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Water is vital for our human body as the human body consists of 60% of water. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. It has 3 states solid, liquid, gas. Water is essential for living things; they can grow with the help of water like plants grow with the help of water, farming, and living organisms. Water is a tasteless and unscented compound.

“Water is survival; no water means no life.”

Why Is Clean Water Essential?

According to WHO, clean water is should only for rich or wealthy society; it is also essential for any poor society or any poor as it is the most beneficial part of our daily life. Many people died every day because of dirty water. So here are some reasons why clean water is necessary.

Water gives life to a living thing

As water is the most crucial element we use in our daily life for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, cleaning, etc. so clean water is essential for the hygiene of any process we are going in our daily life.  Every living thing grows with the help of water. Our human body consists of 60% of water, water is vital for blood, cells, to work correctly. It is a lifeline for all living things like fruits, plants, birds, animals, etc.

Healthy Food

If there is no clean water, everything gets UN healthy. All foods like seeds, fruits, vegetables need freshwater because food is our daily need. If water is healthy, our food becomes healthy. Dirty water consists of different harmful germs that are not fit for any living thing. Example cow is the source of food it gives milk and meat if cow drinks dirty water; it automatically affects anyone who uses these healthy water gives health food.

 Prevent From Decrease

Every year 3.5 million people die due to dirty water. It is very harmful to use dirty water as it’s consist of bacteria which are not healthy for any living thing from human to incest. Pure water protects you from different deceases like kidney problems, malaria, typhoid, polio, etc. Almost 30,000 people die every week due to stained water; 90 % death under five years die every day due to dirty water. So clean water can fight with different illnesses.

Climate Change

Clean water can remove climate disorder. Every year lots of people die due to drought as it leads to hunger and no rain. So if the water is clean, the climate changes occur less and can save the life of many people die of drought.

Built Strong Communities

Every expected woman needs healthy food and clean water. According to research, disorders in children increases, day by day, one reason define is dirty water. Different communities have no sanitation process its increases child disorders and health issues. So if the community has a good sanitation process, the rate should decrease and make their generation healthy for the future.

Here Are Some Solution For How You Can Get Clean Water

Method of boiling

boiling water

This is the easiest way to clean your water, boiling needs gas or fuel, but it can effortlessly pure your water in some time. After boiling water, you have to filter it with a net to remove solid particles.

Way of boiling

  • Boil it till bubbles appeared
  • After bubbles appeared
  • Keep boiling it for five minutes for effective results
  • Take a net or piece of cloth
  • Clean all impurities

So here is a simple method of cleaning water at home easily

Method of Iodine

It is again one secure method you can use to clean water fast. Use iodine crystals or tablets for purification. This iodine items tend to remove bacteria from water. This water is not suitable for pregnant women and one other thing you may not like its taste.

Way to use the iodine method

  • Add a tablet to water bottle
  • Shake it well up and down
  • Then wait for some shake it
  • After some time iodine particle appeared on it cap
  • Now your water is ready to drink

Method of Chlorine

chlorine water

Chlorine is an element that can remove impurities from water. This method is used for cleaning water tanks, swimming pools, etc. so it is another simple method which you can use at home. It is a very cheap way to pure water.


  • Add some drops of chlorine in the water
  • Be careful about quantity because the higher about become poison
  • After adding drops wait for 30 minutes

Method of water filter

Filtering water is a way of purifying water. Carbon can remove dangerous chemicals in water and give a sweet taste to water. Filtration is a process which passes water from carbon element and eliminates impurities of water and provides clean water. Filtration can absorb all chemicals in the water. So try this method at home for clean water.

Keep your water storage safe

Keep your storage clean. If you have a proper sanitation system, provide you with clean water, but you’re not keeping your sources clean, it’s your carelessness. So keep your water safe from dirt cover it with heavy material if you have tanks your take use chlorination process for more keep it more reliable.

So “Safe water safe life. 

Final words

It is imperative to take care of the water you are drinking…

Think about it, because dirty water means UN healthy body…

Drink clean water and keep yourself and your family safe and healthy…

My article gives you the method of how you can get secure your health and make it clean because clean water is essential for everyone in this world.

Yes, together, we save this world…

“Pure water is the cheapest and beneficial medicine.”

The world without water will be empty….

So drink clean water….


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