Reasons For Water Shortage

9 Valid Reasons For Water Shortage And 1 Solution

water shortage

Water is a basic need and people do believe that they will be going to have it as long as they live. But the situation is just the opposite!

The water crisis in the coming years

According to a report; the world will be out of water in 2030. Hence, this crisis is for sure worldwide. Some countries are already facing some serious water crisis. This will be not wrong if we say that “they are out of water”.  Almost 17 countries from the Middle East are at their extreme risk towards lack of water.  The situation is getting worsen due to our ignorance. There are chances of spread of this water crisis in the western countries as well within the coming years.

Reasons Behind This Shortage

Usage of Water In Daily Home Chores

There is no scale developed until now to measure the use of water in daily home chores. Yes, this wastage starts from our homes! The water what we waste while showering, dishing and so on.. all these activities consume enough water to cause a shortage or a crisis.

Usage of Water Within Industries

Industries are dumping their material’s wastage into drinking water lakes. Afterwards, people are forced to drink poisonous water and many are died because of that; still we are so ignorant towards it! Considering drinking water lakes as a wasteyard is also a reason behind this lack.

Usage of Water In Agriculture


Agriculture/farming also plays an unavoidable role in wastage of water. In the East, people are not agreed to adopt some advanced techniques. The process of cultivation requires tons of water as obviously they just don’t depend on natural rain.

Climate Change

Due to climate change, water shortage is getting worsen Day by Day. Drought areas have been seen as the main victim of this shortage. People living in drought areas hardly get fresh water to drink and this extreme shortage made their lives more severe with a very short number of rains and harshly warm weather.

More Demand, Less Resources

Nowadays, people are less focused to manufacture dams to save water for their future needs. People are now forced to pay for drinking water. To resolve this issue one thing has to go up or down to overcome this imbalance.

Global Shortage of Water Supply

This shortage is not restricted to any part of the world. This shortage is embedding roots worldwide. In one of Brazil’s megacity of around 20 million population, people faced Day Zero (this is a term used when a country or city is totally out of water), in 2015. The city has stopped the water supply to their citizens for 12 hours of a day, due to this many businesses forced to off their shutters.

Spain has also faced Day Zero, later had to import freshwater tankers from France. This dry spell is not limited to any specific country anymore, but it’s spreading too fasten too widely!

Effect Of Population On Water Shortage

Overpopulated countries are at high risk to face water shortage. According to a study of the journal “Science Advances”, overpopulated countries like India and China are at their high risk of water shortage the way they are increasing their population.

The more you populate the area demand for basic needs like food and water will increase simultaneously.

Water Footprint Of National Production

A value of the total volume of freshwater consumed or wasted by a country is known as a water footprint of a national problem. There are top 5 countries including India, Russia, South Africa, China and the United States that have contributed to the world via appearing their water footprint of national production.

According to the National water footprint account, total water footprint value worldwide is 9,087 billion cubic meters per year.

The water crisis is not just limited to the shortage of water. Another scenario that is scaring humanity is related to the water crisis and this is “imbalance of supply”. Some people have to face a shortage in supply even of drinking water where some people enjoys plenty of water supply as they have become too ignorant.

Stop To Use Water As A War Tool

The main source of water wastage is to use it for trans-boundary conflicts. Some countries are still using water as their war tool by knowing the fact that this crisis is now spreading all over the world. They are more concern towards their victory, and they are even ready to ban water supply to their neighbours.

We need to stop this and try to use water as the symbol of peace and prosperity. Share water with others to fulfill their basic need, or just do it for the sake of humanity!

It’s time to take some significant steps to overcome this challenging situation, such as generating water from thin air. Water is as crucial as the air that we require to inhale. We need to save water today so our future will be safe from water shortage.





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